The Importance of Goal Setting

5 reasons why goal setting is the key to maximising growth and success

Since starting my own business I have learnt the hard way about the importance of goal setting to help push myself and my business forwards.  Without goals I found myself constantly getting caught in a trap of never-ending “busywork” which felt productive but was actually holding me back.

Once I started actively setting goals and mapping out my path to success, achieving my ideal future no longer felt out of reach.  By defining my desired destination it was then an easy next step to break down the big goal into much more achievable bite-sized tasks – creating a step by step path to success.

Here are the 5 key benefits I’ve realised from creating a goal setting habit:

1. Goals provide focus, clarity and direction

Without a goal it becomes easy to get distracted and lose focus. I found myself drifting from one month the next without any clear purpose or direction. I was consumed by “busywork” which sapped my energy. Far too much of my time and effort was being drained by tasks that weren’t actively helping me get to where I wanted to be.

Setting goals provides a clear destination to work towards.  You are effectively streamlining your to-do list so that each task will take you one step closer to your ultimate destination.  When you have clarity over your direction you can be totally focussed on those tasks and projects which will have the most impact on your success.  If you don’t define what success means, then how can you make any progress towards it?

2. Goals build confidence

One of the biggest benefits of setting goals for me personally has been an increase in my confidence.  Having a clear path to follow, with pre-defined steps to take made me feel far more capable and confident.  The process of breaking down my long term vision into smaller achievable tasks transformed my uncertainty and fear of failure into certainty and self belief. 

Fear, uncertainty and lack of confidence will inevitably have a negative effect on productivity, creativity and efficiency. Once you set a clear direction and create a prioritised plan of action, you can eliminate those negative effects. Just the simple act of writing down you goals makes them feel more real and achievable.

3. Goals maximise efficiency and productivity

Without defined goals, I found it virtually impossible to prioritise my tasks effectively. I had a giant to-do list which I had beautifully arranged and categorised in my fancy new task management system – but all that meticulous organisation was hollow without a clear definition of success and a timetable to work towards.

Having goals means you can prioritise those tasks which are most important and impactful.  By setting a target to work towards, you can eliminate wasted time on tasks that aren’t actually productive or useful.  Having both long and short term goals means that you can be sure that your daily priorities are aligned with your long term vision. You can be sure that all the activities on your to-do list will be useful ones!

4. Goals reduce stress

A clear direction to work towards and a map of how to get there will massively reduce stress and anxiety.  Have you ever had that feeling of being totally overwhelmed and paralysed by an impossibly big project ahead?

When you break down your big objective into smaller achievable tasks you can avoid that stress. My general feeling of anxiety was eliminated once I had defined and mapped out my vision of success. A big to-do list isn’t a problem when each task represents a meaningful step closer to the ultimate goal.

5. Goals trigger inspiration and motivation

Making progress on your goals each day is a huge motivating force.  Ticking items off my list and seeing tangible progress always gives me a real boost.  With each task ticked off, the ultimate goal feels ever closer and more achievable.

Having clear goals gives you a framework to track your progress against. Seeing how your hard work is paying off is vital to maintaining momentum and drive and consequentially, any obstacles that arise along the way lose their power to knock you off course.

These are just five of the benefits I’ve realised since creating a habit of goal setting. There are lots more!  If you are feeling stuck in the trap of busywork and would like some help with setting your own goals then get in touch. I would be delighted to help you map out your path to success.  Contact us or book a free call to see how we can help. 

Also, look out for my next blog about the various different goal setting methods and how to choose the right method for you.

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