Your Investment

We want to make sure our clients feel good about their investment and that’s why all of our retainer packages are offered on a rolling 30 day contract with no minimum term and we also offer the option to roll over up to 10% of any unused hours to the following month.


10 hours per month
£37 per hour
£370 per month


20 hours per month
£36 per hour
£720 per month


30 hours per month
£35 per hour
£1050 per month

Ad Hoc or One-Off Support is also available on a “pay as you go” hourly basis. This is a good option for clients who need a small amount of work done on a one-off project or would prefer not to commit to a larger bank of hours. Ad hoc hours are charged at £40 per hour and are subject to a 2 hour minimum purchase.

Bespoke Project Rates can also be arranged for clients who need help with a specific project, event or launch. We will provide a quote based on the type of work and timescale required. Payment for bespoke project work will be 75% in advance with the remaining 25% on completion within the agreed timescale.