VEAs are self-employed experts who partner with clients remotely to deliver a variety of services, most commonly admin and management related services. Their role to take the pressure off and free up time for their clients and help drive business growth, efficiency and productivity.  

You can select exactly how much and what type of support you want and make any necessary adjustments to the service as and when required.

If you’re not yet sure whether you need a VEA or what tasks you might want to outsource then the best place to start your decision making process is to take a thorough look at your day to day or week to week admin processes and then determine what are your repeated business as usual tasks and how much time you spend on them. 

Once you have that list you can decide which of those tasks could be handed to a VEA to take care of for you.  

We would be happy to walk through this exercise with you during a free no obligation discovery call.

There are huge benefits to be realised from hiring a VEA.

More Time
Perhaps the biggest benefit of them all – you get time back in your day.  Whether you want more time to devote to developing your business and focussing on your clients or more time to spend with the people you love, doing the things you love.

Outstanding Service
Due to the nature of their business model, your VEA will be 100% focussed on doing an outstanding job in order to retain you as a client.  You will get the best level of service for the lowest cost.   

Tailor-made support
You get to specify precisely what support you want, how you want it and have the freedom to develop and tweak the service over time in alignment with your changing requirements 

Cost effective
By hiring a VEA you can eliminate all employer expenses such as holidays, sick pay, recruitment fees, office space and equipment and employer tax and insurance contributions – you only pay for the time and service that you need.   

There is no risk with hiring a VEA.  If you change your mind you can simply opt out and terminate the contract. 

You can grow your business without risking the large financial output of employing support which may turn out to be a burden that your business isn’t yet ready to sustain.

A breakdown of our rates is available here.  You can opt for ad hoc rates or the more cost effective retainer rates packages for ongoing support.  If you would like to discuss your options and find out which package would be best for you then contact us or book a free discovery call.  

If you have signed up to a retainer package then your monthly hours are guaranteed and prioritised.  You are free to carry over up to 10% of any unused hours from one month to the next.

Payment should be made by bank transfer and is due within fourteen calendar days from the invoice date.

Monthly retainer package fees are invoiced in advance on the 1st day of the month.

We are meticulous about privacy and security.  We are ICO registered and are fully GDPR complaint.  In addition, we are happy to sign confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements if required.  

If you decide to purchase a retainer package you will need to sign a contract which details our Terms of Business.  You are free to terminate the contract at any time with just one month’s notice. 

If you would prefer not to sign up to a monthly package you can purchase ad-hoc hours as required. 

We use time tracking software to keep an accurate record of the time spent working on tasks and projects for our clients. 

We are happy to provide weekly updates to let you know how much time you have used. 

We will also provide a monthly time report for our clients on retainer packages with a breakdown of how their time has been spent.

The increase in remote working globally means that now more than ever we have the right tools at our disposal to create a meaningful and rewarding working relationship without having to be physically in an office together. 

Using a combination of video conferencing, phone calls, emails, online co-working platforms etc., we can get a deep understanding of you and your business, how you want your work to be completed and what your business goals are.